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Submit Kubernetes Resources

Submitting Kubernetes resources from a Jupyter notebook

Kubeflow assigns the jupyter-notebook service account to the Jupyter notebook Pods. This service account is bound to the jupyter-notebook role, which has namespace-scoped permissions to the following Kubernetes resources:

  • Pods
  • Deployments
  • Services
  • Jobs
  • TFJobs
  • PyTorchJobs

You can therefore create the above Kubernetes resources directly from your Jupyter notebook in Kubeflow. The Kubernetes kubectl command-line tool is pre-installed in the notebook.

Run the following command in a Jupyter notebook cell to create Kubernetes resources:

!kubectl create -f myspec.yaml

The myspec.yaml file should describe one of the above Kubernetes resources. For information about the format of the YAML file, see the Kubernetes object guide.

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