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Delete using GCP Console

Deleting Kubeflow using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console

This page shows you how to delete your Kubeflow deployment using Deployment Manager in the GCP Console.

Note: For best results you should use the CLI to delete Kubeflow. Deleting with Deployment Manager as described below can orphan some resources like Cloud Endpoints.

To delete your Kubeflow deployment and reclaim all related resources using the GCP Console:

  1. Open the Deployment Manager in the GCP Console for your project. Deployment Manager lists all the available deployments in your project. Make sure that the selected project is the same as the one you used for your Kubeflow deployment. Deployment Manager in GCP Console

  2. Select the Kubeflow deployment with the deployment name you used at the time of creation and click the Delete button at the top. Deleting Kubeflow deployment in GCP Console

This action should delete any running nodes in your deployment, delete service accounts that were created for the deployment, and reclaim all resources.